Obtaining Your Licence

At Barnes Driver Training, we provide lessons to meet the needs of all learners.


First lesson

Your first lesson will get you started and allow you to obtain confidence and competence in handling a vehicle. We recommend a schedule along the following.

  • A block of lessons with your instructor
  • Engage in regular practice with a qualified driver at home
  • Obtain some further lessons with your instructor
  • Obtain further lessons 2-3 months prior to your test date.

Lessons for driving in heavy traffic

As you progress, you will learn to drive in heavy traffic this includes:

  • Lane changing
  • Traffic Lights
  • Turns at lights
  • Multi-laned roundabouts
  • Overtaking
  • Night driving
  • Parking and manoeuvres
  • Open road lessons

Test preparation

Passing your driving test involves a number of aspects, including:

  • Understand the test criteria and the RMS expectations
  • Learning how to deal with the harder aspects of the test
  • Understand the test day procedure and requirement, including what you need to bring
  • Undertaking a practice test with your instructor before hand.

We can book the test for you and advise you what times are available.

Refresher lessons if you haven't driven in a while

City driving lessons

Practice driving test

Learning to convert to Manual driving

Overseas licence conversions

Lessons for Older Driving Assessment

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